We consider progress to be one of the greatest values. From the perspective of AML, we perceive it as the ability of society to face the evolution of organized crime. The basic premise is to detect systemic errors and identify the causes of their occurrence, which is a difficult and often ungrateful to dangerous task for individuals. In addition, some information is subject to the obligation of professional secrecy. At the Camelot Round Table, experts sit in an ad hoc composition and talk about things in their full discretion. The aim is to supplement publicly known information, thus supporting the fight against organized crime and terrorist financing. The published outputs of Camelot cannot be attributed to a specific person nor can they be misused to commit crime.

AML Camelot: “Alert“ centralisation to unwittingly facilitate criminal behaviour

„FinCEN files“ [1] – data leaked from the US financial market regulator. Members of AML Camelot gathered to identify potential causes of money laundering and suspicious transactions which the relevant bank departments either detected extremely late or left completely undetected thus allowing organized crime groups to launder their profits through unsuspecting financial institutions. […]

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from Dejvice

9. 12. 2020